Wine Tour on Pelješac

Here is what Cambridge’s dictionary says what hedonism is:

Living and ​behaving in ​ways that ​mean you get as much ​pleasure out of ​life as ​possible.

Therefore, a hedonist would be a person that follows precisely those postulates. We think that is fabulous! Can you imagine a hedonist without a glass of wine? And how does this Pelješac place fit into that picture?!

Pelješac is a peninsula about 55 km (35 miles) north of Dubrovnik (it would take us 50 minutes of driving alongside the Adriatic coast). Its remarkable geographic position, perfect slopes and about 2500 hours of insolation annually made the peninsula territory perfect for wine production. Grapes that receive a lot of sun while growing tend to be sweeter and stronger once turned into wine and that is a very typical landmark weaved into tastes of Pelješac’s wines.

Plavac mali is the type of vine grown on the peninsula and out of it some of the finest red wines in Croatia are made, such as Dingač or Postup. You can find the wine under the name of Plavac or Plavac mali as well. Internationally, plavac mali is familiar as zinfandel. There are also white wines produced on Pelješac and they are mostly done out of rukatac (maraština) grapes. They tend to be almost yellow in color because they get a lot of sun and the wine is quite sweet as well in taste.

This tour is imagined as a whole day excursion that includes visiting the wineries, tasting wines and learning a bit about the production itself from the first hand and on the spot. As we will be going up and down the wine road, you’ll be able to see some really steep hills where people are unable to collect the grapes by themselves – donkeys have to do it instead. Have in mind that one must drink a glass of red wine a day in order to have a long and healthy life, so we consider it our duty to show you where some of the finest red wines in Dubrovnik’s area are waiting for you.

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