The bay of mali Ston hosts the largest oyster cultivation facilities in the Adriatic. Mussels are also part of the mariculture. Record from the archives,dating back to 1573,is the oldest document in the Archive of Dubrovnik that mentions the oyster farming as an established business. Back than, oyster farming was different. They would submerge large oak branches to the bottom of the sea. In two to three years these branches would be full of oysters. This simple way of oyster farming was used for centuries. The new technology in oyster farming started in early 20th century, and marked an increase in production. Many Viennese and other tourists,vacationers from Dubrovnik, and travelers of fast steamships on Adriatic lines started to stop in Mali Ston to taste its specialties and good vine. In 1936 , the oyster from Ston received a Grand Prix prize, and won a gold medal at the World Exhibition in London. Every year on St.Joseph’s day(March 19th) oysters are celebrated in Ston. It is also knows as Day of Oysters and nothing beats the taste of oysters in that period.

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